Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fun Zumba Workouts Are An Investment That Builds Wealth

Reflect for a moment on how you perceive time. Do you see it as a friend or a foe? At Lifting Up Lives, we’ve learned to see Father Time as our wise and beneficial friend.

Many of us are constantly aware of time, but often we focus on its negative effects. We worry about deadlines at work, aging, payment schedules and what have you, constantly seeing time as a nemesis. Many of us don’t recognize that, with the right understanding, time is our friend. We can turn time to our advantage.

For the disciplined financial investor, time is the factor that makes investments grow. Time applies an exponential force in the rate at which profits accumulate under the law of compound interest – it gives the laws of compound interest the opportunity to act. Investors also know that creating wealth requires regular contributions to one’s investment. Wealth is built with small contributions, by a sustained program of investment over long periods of time.

Time and discipline generate a similar exponential benefit when we invest in our well-being and health – when we become personal investors. If you invest in your mental and physical health every day your investment grows. The laws of compound interest take effect. Here’s where fun Zumba workouts come in.

Exercise is a great way to invest in your long term personal well-being. Exercise builds a healthy body, and a healthy body is more resistant to illness and disease. Exercising every day builds strength and endurance a little at a time. You don’t have to commit hours to working out to benefit. Even a few minutes a day or thirty minutes a few times a week creates noticeable results. Thus exercise also emphasizes the discipline of small regular contributions. Most importantly of all, exercise builds confidence.

Being healthy is more than a feeling. It pays dividends every day. Healthy people are noticeably more energetic and confident, and their energy and confidence carry them to more positive results in everything they do. More importantly still, their confidence and energy breed a sense of confidence and energy in those around them. They build a sense of well-being beyond themselves in their community.

Lifting up Lives is here to help women become better personal investors, to help them build a foundation of personal well-being. When you join in a fun Zumba workout, you’re a kind of investor. You’re investing in your personal health. But you’re also improving San Francisco fitness results. You’re contributing to your community while you contribute to yourself.

So time isn’t our enemy at all – quite the opposite. It’s our friend. When we understand how to turn it to our advantage, it builds both our health and our wealth. When we understand that the laws of compound interest allow small contributions to build large fortunes – in health or wealth – we have the proper perspective on time.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Become A Planner, Improve Now

If you ask almost anyone they will tell you that they enjoy spontaneity, they will tell you tales of how over planning ruined some event in their lives, however the truth is that until you have the ability to be a planner you cannot accomplish enough to be spontaneous.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not to plan, everyday does not have to be a strict minute by minute sequence of events, but an overall plan for the day will allow you to accomplish more. The more you accomplish the more time you have for being spontaneous.

One of the benefits to planning is that it relieves the mind of having to worry about all those things that everyone is responsible for every day. What could you do with that extra time? What about the Lifting Up Lives-SF workouts; you could attend one or two or even three times a week.

This women’s exercise program is designed for someone like you and the main purpose is to give you the power to take back your life. It may not seem like there is a connection between planning and exercising, but think about it, if you do not plan, you will never find the time to take care of yourself and attend a female fitness class.

As you look at this you may be asking how an idea as simple as planning can make any difference in your life. Well the answer is pretty easy to understand, there are twenty four hours in a day, you sleep eight hours a night, and you work eight hours a day that leaves eight hours a day to get everything else done. This includes time for you to do something you enjoy.

The problem is that if you do not plan this time ends up being wasted, and then you cannot find the time to attend Lifting Up Lives-SF in order to make yourself feel better. There is nothing in the world that is better than the freedom that comes from truly having nothing that needs done.

You can truly have fun at your Zumba fitness class and concentrate on you, make sure that for that one hour or so out of the day, you are working to get your power back.

Female fitness will not only make you feel healthier, but you will just feel better, exercise not only improves the body, it relaxes the mind and nothing can help you get more accomplished than a rested mind and body.

One of the keys to a better life is to become a planner and start to find the time for all the things you did not think were possible. Being able to attend Lifting Up Lives-SF and being a part of a women’s exercise group, will be one of the things that helps get you back on track.