Monday, October 25, 2010

Be Humble, Be Successful

Think of yourself less, don't think less of yourself.  This simple statement puts an often misunderstood quality in perspective.  Humility is about selflessness, rather than the ever present selefishness that every person tends toward when the ego is left unchecked.  Look no further than a small child, they naturally want what they want and there is no getting around it....if they don't get it then a tantrum often follows.  This also happens with some adults, as you may have noticed. 

In order to move away from this proclivity to be selfish one must first let go of the aforementioned mindset of essentially what amounts to only looking out for number one (muah first and everyone else second).  The bumper sticker you may have seen displayed very aptly expresses this attitude which pervades our society.  'He who dies with the most toys wins.'  That begs the question, "Wins what?".  The people with the most hardly win.....if anything they often lose and miss out on the most important part of life which involves meaningful, healthy relationships with other people.  Who cares if you have all of this stuff but no one that cares about you.  At the same time, one must be careful not to treat relationships, or the people involved like things.  If this happens then it's right back to the whole selfish attitude which leads to unhappiness and a continued craving for more; leading to a frenzied cycle of searching that leaves one empty and wondering what's next.  On the other hand, true humility is just the opposite of this and is predicated upon the ability to give oneself for the good of another without desire for something in return.  This attitude, while uncomfortable at first, ultimately leads to a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness later on.  Delayed gratification, not easy but much more satisfying. 

Forget the idea that being humble involves walking around with one's head down being all mopey and being down on oneself.  That's false humility, that does nobody any good....who have you ever seen that acts that way while making a positive contribution to anyone's life....if anything they are dragging others down. 

Just think about yourself less and you will have made a huge step toward becoming more humble and ultimately more successful.

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