Monday, October 4, 2010

Goals - Bridges to One's Dreams

Goals are the bridges that span one's dreams. They help one keep their energies focused on becoming who they were meant to be.  Goals keep one from distraction, laziness and directionless activity that ultimately leads nowhere.  If one has no goals then their life tends toward aimlessness and chaos.  This chaos happens not only with oneself but with others with whom one comes into contact.  Despite one's best efforts at convincing oneself that freedom without direction or structure is the path to happiness the reality is that one functions best with some kind of structure.  Just look around, society would not go on in a productive and fruitful way without some kind of organization predicated upon goals whether written down or just in somebody's head.

However, just having goals, or some vague notion of them in one's head, isn't enough.  One's goals need to be inspiring while at the same time realistic and measurable.  One has to be able to tell what type of progress they are making so they can make appropriate adjustments along the way.  Goals do change as time goes by, the goals one sets now, most especially the long-term ones will most likely undergo significant change over time.  This is ok, people, life and circumstances change.  Goals aren't set in stone, they are in some ways like landmarks on a map, they help keep one on the path toward a meaningful end, but they may change over time - some more than others.

With all of this mind, instead of worrying about past goals that haven't been met or future ones that seem so far off, focus instead on the small steps that must happen each day and the victories their accomplishment holds.  Life becomes easier and seemingly more manageable because there is something to shoot for that keeps the human spirit going.  In the meantime those in-between somethings that one can do right here and now keep one moving forward while building confidence that some day in the not too distant future those long-term outcomes will come to fruition.

Set goals, stay focused, stay hopeful and push forward toward your dreams.  Life has more good in store for you than you might imagine. 

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