Sunday, April 3, 2011

Independence - Breaking free from fear

There’s a certain mental ailment that keep many people from bettering themselves and progressing towards a self-sufficient lifestyle. This crippling factor is known as fear. When fear fills your head, everything you’re working towards halts, preventing you from moving forward. Every single person fears something, but it’s up to you to trudge onward and break that barrier between being scared and being successful.

Depending on yourself and only yourself, mentally and physically, is definitely not an easy thing to attain. To reach this point, you have to overcome fear. In life, people and things will always come and go, but ultimately, it is you against the world. There will be those that may help you achieve your goal, but in the end, it is you that will bring the result.

However, realizing this and pushing forward takes confidence. People must believe in themselves to overcome whatever they’re scared of.

One extremely motivating thing to remember is to think of the word fear as an acronym for feel everything, and recover. Flipping the sense of this word into that message is incredibly empowering and a motivational tool to reach for your goals. The key to gaining independence and overcoming your fears is to deal with them straight on and quit making excuses.

Want to quite smoking? Don’t say, “next week.” Do it now. Understand that it’s going to be difficult and cravings will try to break you, but realize this and push forward. Want to get fit and healthy? Don’t think about it, do it. You won’t get results immediately which generally discourages people, but accept that it’s a process and instead focus on how great it’s making you feel to eat healthy and become active.

Over time, the fear of not being able to commit and finish will lessen, a sense of self-confidence will build and you'll find that the only person you'll need to depend on is yourself.

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