Monday, April 18, 2011

Punctuality - Show that you value others and yourself.

Showing up on time for a commitment you’ve made is more than just that you are simply prompt. It’s a defining characteristic that really matters in life. Punctuality is a simple yet very effective way to assess a person – whether you can depend on them, if the person is on top of things, etc.
In any situation, punctuality is evaluated – at your job, at a job interview, on a date, meeting with a friend. The other party will ask themselves, “Does this person care enough to show up on time?” Everyone should know that one of the first rules in any meet up is BE ON TIME. It’s generally the first piece of advice given to someone who is about to encounter an important meeting.
Punctuality is important because it’s an action so simple, but one that really counts. Yet for some people, it can be difficult. Life can be hectic and people can genuinely be incredibly busy, juggling many duties at a time that it’s hard to keep track of obligations. There are things that happen unexpectedly and priorities must be assessed. People don’t mean to be late or flaky, but life happens.
Being on time, however, is definitely a habit that can be learned. If you wrap your head around the idea that your time, as well as other people’s, is valuable, then you can realize how important being punctual really is. If you show the effort that you care enough to keep your commitments and show up on time, people will really value you, respect you and trust you - and that can take you very far in life.

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