Monday, May 16, 2011

Be grateful - the power of appreciation.

The power of appreciation goes far in helping other people. When we feel valued, wanted and needed, not only does it make us feel good, but it also motivates us to continue working just as hard to keep that respect. It definitely feels good being appreciated, but it feels even better if we take the time to reflect and be grateful for what we have. Because you take a minute to realize you have things others might not have – a place to sleep, your health, food to eat, good friends and family – you will often find yourself happy and blessed. Oftentimes, this reflection can ignite a sense of compassion and kindness because you know you have things going for you. Even when times are tough in other areas of your life, thinking about the good you do have will keep you positive and going strong.

It’s also important to appreciate the efforts of those in your life so as to keep your connections with them strong. Whether it’s your mom, dad, sibling, significant other, employee, etc., make sure they know how much you are thankful to have them in your life. They will appreciate your appreciation and it’ll be an endless appreciation circle, which is amazing to have. Sometimes, we can take people for granted and before you know it, we’ve lost them. Remember to thank someone who has helped you in any way, celebrate a joyful moment in a person you love’s life and give praise when it is deserved.

With an appreciative attitude, you and the people you know will feel so good about yourself and each other.

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