Monday, May 23, 2011

If you would take, you must first GIVE.

The above quote is by Lao-tzu, philosopher of Taoism.

Let me ask you something. Don’t you love it when people give you gifts? Don’t feel bad if you say yes because it’s definitely not out of shallowness or materialism - you know the actual gift isn’t the important thing. Instead, what you find joy in is the ritual of being given a gift because you could feel the warmth and love behind it. When you are given something, the thought behind it is what is most valuable. You definitely feel loved and cared for when a person is thoughtful enough to give you something on a birthday, holiday, anniversary or simply just because. But while receiving a gift is nice, the act of giving is even better.

There’s a little bit of you that feels complete, whole and fulfilled when you give to others. Whether it is a thoughtful gift on a birthday, a charitable donation to a non-profit you like, or a bit of your time to help with something, you feel good and productive - like you did something worthwhile. Giving your own time and efforts to others who are in need of it not only ignites those ‘feel good’ emotions, it’s also a learning process that helps you grow and open up your eyes. The possibilities for yourself grow as you connect with other people and experience situations others provide for you as you continue your efforts to give. As you continue to give back, you may find yourself blessed and thankful as you learn that you’ll have more than you’ll ever need and how lucky you are that you have the ability to even give back at all. A few dollars, or more importantly, a few hours of your time can have significant impact on those that need it most. The benefits of giving are endless, for you and for others. As former first lady Barbara Bush once said, "Some people give time, some money, some their skills and connections, some literally give their life's blood. But everyone has something to give."

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