Monday, June 13, 2011

Be attentive to yourself in order to be attentive to others.

To some people, there is nothing more annoying than having someone not listen to what you're saying. No one likes being an after-thought and ignored. When you actually listen and remember something anyone has ever told you, you'll be appreciated and respected.

When you listen, you tell that person they are important enough for your attention and it's an esteem booster. They feel good and in return, your words will be valued because they respect and trust you. Being attentive provides many connections that may help you progress in life.

But though it is great to give your attention to others and take the time to listen to them, it's important to give attention to yourself. If you work too much or devote much of your time to others, remember to take some time for yourself and have your needs treated. You won't be able to give your best in your efforts if you aren't taken care of first. Find a balance in giving attention to your well-being and being attentive with others and a great peace within yourself can be reached.

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