Monday, June 20, 2011

Gain control of your life - stay calm.

Last year, I graduated from college with my BA in Journalism. Since then, the year has been that of stress. Questions and concerns arose: How will I make a comfortable living doing journalism? Will I have to struggle my whole life? Do I even want to do journalism for a living?

Anxiety ensued.

I have my BA but I'm still working at Starbucks. What is wrong with me? I was constantly worrying and stressing about what I was going to do with my life. After plenty of meltdowns, I took a deep breath, and slowed my racing mind down. I began to take a look at my life, see what I'd accomplished and focused on the positives. I have accomplished a lot personally - losing more than 40 pounds, gaining confidence and opening up. I took that into consideration and ended up refocusing the direction of my life. By taking the time to assess my life, I figured out what I was passionate about and what I wanted to truly pursue: healthy lifestyle and nutrition. I'm living proof of the benefits of changing eating habits, I talk about it all the time, so why not provide my insight and scientific knowledge to help others as a career?

Now, since I have a direction in life and a goal to attain, I am much more at ease with myself. I am calm. I am taking the necessary steps to make this happen - and at my own pace. Because I took the time to think thoroughly and meditate on certain things, it helped me gain control of my life.

It's hard to lose focus and fall into a stressful trap, but you must learn how to have a relaxed and calm mind. Everything in life is a process and in order to reach your goal, it will take time and dedication. Develop awareness and filter out negativity, fear, anger and doubt and just continue with progress at your own pace. You will get there eventually if you keep working at it. Remember that, and you will find peace.

Stop your racing mind right now. Take a minute to think about the things that are stressing you out. The first step is becoming aware of them and then solutions will come. Then, take action.

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