Monday, July 11, 2011

Go for the gold - On ambition.

Having a goal to strive for is what gives life its purpose. People need direction to feel content and happy and if they say otherwise, they’re lying to themselves. Whether it’s wanting to rule the world, living peacefully in the fields of Spain’s countryside or never having to worry about a thing – these are goals and people must still strive to attain them.

People are different. For some, there is nothing worse than being unproductive or feeling like they aren’t utilizing their fullest potential so having a direction in life puts them at ease. They feel good knowing they are working towards something. For others, they’d rather live contently and not have to worry about much so they will work until they feel they have reached that goal.

Everybody has aspirations. But what sets people apart is their ambition – their drive and motivation to fulfill their dreams. Some people feel the need to achieve, while others are perfectly content riding out whatever life brings them. Some have goals in mind, but no energy to attain them. Some have that fire in their belly, but no real direction so they run around in circles.

It seems as if ambition is built in certain individuals and some just can’t seem to muster up that motivation to go for their goals. Ambition has always been an interesting value to assess because it's a mystery as to why some have it and why some don't. Granted, some individuals have it instilled as a familial value, but there are still cases in which it skips many. But if there is anything to keep in mind, it is this: Motivation comes in short bursts, so ACT while it’s HOT.

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