Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Virtue Of Resourcefulness: Empowering The Women Of Today

More women all over the world fall victim to domestic violence. Statistics estimate that one in every three women is abused during her lifetime. A huge number of Americans know a woman abused by her partner. In San Francisco alone, a majority of adults believe that domestic violence is a crucial problem that takes precedence over other things.

Aside from the physical effects that most victims feel when they are abused, the psychological state of women affected by this kind of treatment is also influenced. These concomitant effects will lead to separation from family and friends, lack of trust and poor self-esteem, loss of job and employment and may even lead to suicidal behavior. That is why many groups have come up to offer support and protect the victims; they offer empowerment and support to victims of abuse.

Helping the victims rise after such a traumatic event can be extremely hard. It is difficult to establish the trust and morale that has been stripped from them. However, people can offer help to the victims by liberating them from the shackles of their past. To empower these women who have been abused, they should be taught to become resourceful - to be able to withstand obstacles skillfully and overcome them by avoiding them.

When obstacles enter in your life, you truly have no choice but to accept them. However, if you use your wits and resourcefulness, you can triumph over them. Stories of heroes from ages ago portray their success not only because they are strong, but because they are also resourceful. One example is Odysseus, and although he exists only in the books, he has become an inspiration to most people because of his mere wisdom. His travails were all knocked out because of his cleverness.

Everybody knows Oprah Winfrey, and her life is an open book for everyone to see. She may be at her most secure position in her life today, but she also had a shady past. She is not afraid to talk about her childhood experiences of sexual abuse. She faced it, and hoped that what she had gone through will empower other victims to stand up. Today, she has become a distinguished individual and a model for women who are victims to abuse. As a famous personality, she used her influence to let everyone know how to help these people get up on their feet.

Domestic violence is a world issue, and world leaders must address this matter to prevent this problem and to help the victims. For victims to recover from this ordeal alone is highly impossible, they should be guided and assisted until they are able to stand alone. One thing the government can do is to provide employment opportunities for these women. Because violence affects the whole character of a person, she may not be too eager to get a job for herself. Leaders should give affordable housing plans for them, so they can start living a new life.

May it be in San Francisco or anywhere in the world, more women become victims of domestic violence. Every individual, and not just the government, must act on this problem and help the victims prevail against this predicament. Offering them a new life and a new career, an affordable housing plan in a new neighborhood, and support and assistance will bring back their faith in them. Giving these women their needed confidence empowers them to build a strong community and to become exemplary citizens.

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