Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lifting Up Lives Through Efficient Goal Setting

Not all women come home to a loving husband, endearing in-laws and adorable kids after a tiring day in the office. Some of them suffer emotional abuse while others are physically assaulted. A lot of women in distress have an entire lifetime of violence ahead of them for practically no fault of theirs.

The following women ended up leaving their battered homes and started a new life full of joy and cheer! They are tremendous goal setters both for themselves and other emotionally abused women who look up to them as guides.

Alicia Vargas and her only daughter Luz, both San Francisco women put up with a maniac who was supposed to fit into the role of a caring husband and doting father for almost nine years, before Vargas decided she had enough. Today after seeking professional help, they are happily settled down and have goals to pursue. Luz is determined to become a vet one day and Vargas assures her of her complete support. Touching indeed!

Mona Carlos suffered not only from the vicious sexual assaults of her ex-husband, she also had to endure castigation from her parents. She eventually broke free of her marriage and now, lives with two German Sheppard dogs and a wonderful job. She is not financially stable but her goal setting approach empowered her to help others in similar positions too.

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